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Questions and Diagrams

10 March 2012
New Bern, North Carolina
First off does anyone know of a COMPLETE repair manual for this car. Ive seen a few partial ones. Second I need to find the wiring diagrams for the tail lights, front turn signals, and ignition. Im going to do my own set of LED tail lights and front turn signal. The creation will be well documented on here. Also what dash kits do people like? Ive heard good things about the SOS. After the custom lights a doiuble din touch screen is going in a possible a push button start. What keyless entry systems have worked for 91's?
Thanks in advance
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service manual download PDF
is here

wiring diagram for lights are in the service manual

turn signal etc. are in the manual

as for dash kits, SOS is a great source for this, but
I have found some knock off brands on ebay
similar to this one

in any color.

push start buttons, you can buy a new S2000 button which keeps it OEM Honda and wire it up like people have done in tons of threads but this thread has the wire codes


as for the Alarm, if you want OEM then my thread will help as it has all the wire colors and locations


hope I answered all your questions

also I used the search button and typed in your questions LOL

just giving you a little hazzing

good luck
Also, if you prefer a hard copy of the service manual, you can buy one here. It's a reproduction (I believe the pages are photocopies in a three-ring binder). You can also buy an Electrical Troubleshooting Manual from the same place, but you may not need it for what you're looking for.
HAHA woah man you have to be careful! hazing will get ya introuble in the military now-a-days! haha Thanks for the info though. I searched a few of them and found some threads with some information on them. I'll check out that hard copy manual too. Always easier to work on something with the examples right in front of you. I just wish they had a manual with everything like my buddy has for his damn 88 supra. He has a complete factory repair manual. Do people speak highly of these SOS knock offs? I used to do a lot of custom fiberglass fabrication in high school at a local shop but it was mostly body kits, sub enclosures, and door panels. Never done a dash panel but I may try it after the tail light fabrication.
I just wish they had a manual with everything like my buddy has for his damn 88 supra. He has a complete factory repair manual.
That's what the factory service manual is - the pdf you can download in Shawn's link, the one which you can still buy in hard copy. It's very comprehensive.
My wife bought me the manuals for Christmas from helminc.com and was expecting them both to be copies but the service manual (92NSX) was factory original. Nice to have a hard copy at the car. SM-$57.00 ETM $42 plus shipping.
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