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Quick Question

8 October 2006
Toronto, Canada
I am thinking of getting the Mugen Lexon Rear hatch with CF air scoop & was wondering where does the air that goes into the engine bay goes to. I do track the car and want that to help increse the cooling of the engine bay, but interfere with the performance of the car. Does anyone here have it and what r their insite. Many thanks for the input,

On most cars, its a complete posuer modification. On the JGTC cars, the snorkel feeds an air box. Mugen also made a few kits that used a hole in the engine deck lid to feed a cone filter. There were a bunch of other street cars that either had no deck lid or had holes in the deck lid for 'cooling' as an excuse for installing the scoop.

There were not many of these made:

There is a box with a cone filter that fits up against the bottom of the cover. Essentially, the entire area under the hatch is an air box. A bit contrived, but at least the scoop actually does something with this configuration.
Forgot to say that my engine bay is exposed. I am just wondering where the air goes: The air enters from the duct into the engine bay and then exit through the underbody?
I don't have the Mugen hatch but I have the SOS lexan rear hatch with vent scoop.


I got it because ever since I went turbo, the engine bay got really hot. Also at the time, my air/air intercooler was below and after my engine right before my exhaust and the hope was that some of that air would come through and cool the intercooler. I also had removed my engine cover.

As far as I can tell, some air come into the engine bay from the scoop. A lot of it seemed to cycle around in turbulent flow and exit out the bottom under the car, but not in a very laminar flow. It just seemed to disperse unevenly though the bottom and sides of the car. I didn't notice any affect it had on aerodynamics. Also, the engine bay seem a tiny bit cooler, but none of my guages really seemed to reflect any change.

I think unless you are actively trying to feed something (like an intake or intercooler mounted in the rear hatch) I don't think it will have a profound effect in cooling your engine bay. Probably the greatest gain you will get is in the weight savings in going from glass to lexan. Also if you like the way it looks, at least it's somewhat functional and won't look silly on a glass hatch.