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Rear hatch - plastic and tinted

SOS has them with and without scoop but not tinted.


Lexan Hatch

I heard u can't tint the plastic hatch

Don't know but you wouldn't really need to, just tint the rear window.

I want one but have a other things i need first. So i'll have to wait unless i can find a used one which i've never seen.

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Hmm, I'll have to research about tinting the plastic.

I would like to buy MR10-coated Lexan to use on my rear hatch and fit it myself. It's scratch-resistant as opposed to most other hatch materials that scratch and fog easily. They really do look like crap closeup or when you're trying to look out the back window on a sunny day.

This MR10 stuff is pretty good from what I've read.

If you can't tint it, maybe use some of the spray-on tint on the underside of the hatch.

I am pretty sure you can't tint the lexan or other plastic after the fact so I was looking for a hatch like the SOS one but pre-colored to be darker.