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Rear tire blown out

28 March 2006
Thought I'd share an interesting experience this morning to remind people to check their air pressure regularly.

I hadn't driven my NSX in almost 2 months, so I decided to take her out. Like an idiot, I didn't check my tire pressure. I did notice the car didn't feel right, but dismissed it to road conditions.

I was going 80 when I heard a bang and saw pieces of my tire in my rear view. I quickly exited and turned into the nearest parking lot. This is near Disneyland on the I-5 for those of you in socal. I took off the rear tire and realized I was at a strip club. Lots of interesting things that are discarded on the ground as well. I decided to take a couple picture to memorialize the experience.

My rim is pretty chewed up. Would it make sense to repair it? I have looked but don't see anyone selling OEM rims. Does anyone know anyone who is selling one or can i still buy one new?


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Repair for sure. Doesn't look too bad.

Could have been MUCH worse.
What is the cosmic message when your tire blows in front of a strip club!:biggrin: I had a similar blowout of a front years ago luckily the so3 tire I had have such stiff reinforced sidewalls my wheel was unscathed.
Lesson learned I presume. Buy one of those $99 air compressors at Sears and check your tires weekly. I have done that for years and have never (knocks on wood) had a tire issue. I also have found screws and nails, etc. in my tires when I check them weekly. Then I go straight to the tire shop and have that problem fixed before it becomes a real problem. A blow-out at 80could ruin your day and that of those around you at the time too.
I know that place well. I pass it on the way to Dromo. Never stopped though.:wink:


congrats on pulling of the highway so fast.

could have been 1000 times worse.

if the rim is completely torn up the cost of replacement and powder coating might be pretty expensive.

i would look around for another one.

give your insurance company a call.

they will be able to fort the bill for a new rim from Acura if thats what it comes down to:wink:
Definitely try a repair if it's bent. Atleast get a quote. You can always cheat and buy a matching paint pen to dab on the spots too.
Glad you weren't hurt, and no damage to your NSX. Wheels are easier to repair/replace (unlike car body).

On a lighter note, I guess your NSX had a blow job by the strip club.:wink: :biggrin:
Hah, didn't realize the pun "blown tire". Anyway, the tires are the bridgestone Potenzas. I think they are the OEMs? not sure.

I called acura and a replacement wheel is $1800! But I think repair will be fine.