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Rear Windsheild fog's up

4 October 2001
Walnut Creek, CA, USA
My 91 NSX rear windshield recently starts to get a film on the inside. It's weird because Windex doesn't clean it very well. It's like streaked white in color. My motor in still immaculate like new so I think it is a vapor, Maybe oil or coolant but I haven't nailed it down yet. All I know is my car is pristine and I have this tacky streaked rear window. Very ugly.......Any ideas why
For years I've been using a solution of 25% denatured alcohol and 75% water for all my window cleaning needs - no fogging, no build up, no streaks . . . . it has worked for me. I use this solution on all my cars including my NSX-T and I've never experienced what you describe. Denatured alcohol is sold at any hardware store and it is inexpensive. Try it, it might work for you.
Originally posted by NSXLNT:
My grandma taught me years ago that the best thing for cleaning windows is ammonia and newspaper.

Not if your windows have tint film.
please check the rubber seal around the engine cover. as your X is over ten years. it may have hardened and thus fume/heat from the engine escaped onto the rear hatch. a new seal is not expensive and save you cleaning up after each trip. the situation will get worst when it rains.
John you might want to check the coolant resevoir/overflow bottle. This was the culprit in my 92. There is a hose that ataches to a nipple at the neck of the bottle. Well this nipple where is attches to the neck, over time (my freind who is an Acura Mechanic tells me) can deteriorate and crack. So you might have a very slow coolant leak here and that is what could possibly causing your problem. Hope this helps.