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rebuilt engine?

26 March 2008
San Jose, CA
came across this nsx on craiglist. link

apparently it's an 93 black/black with 86k miles, "This car had the engine completely rebuilt last year dut to rod knock. Crank was replaced as was the rod. The rest of the motor was completely gone through by Speed Fab of Jacksonville. They are very good with these cars." also, according to the owner, except the roof and door, the car has had a repaint.

i'm not familiar with a engine rebuilding process. what does it mean exactly? just going in and repairing the broken parts? is a "rebuilt" engine as good as a new one, or somewhere close? when it's rebuilt, do they replace the seals and other parts also?
A rebuilt engine is a red flag. NSX engines almost never require internal repairs. A rod knock (spun bearing) is caused by oil starvation which only happens when oil pressure is lost because of running low on oil because of an opps during service or very rarely extreme track use. Replacing a rod and a crank is not a rebuild it is a repair and if properly done should be no problem but it is a patch job. When the crank is replaced all the bearings need to be checked and replaced to have the proper clearance to the new crank journals.
There is no good reason to buy a rebuilt engine NSX.
I have to respectfully disagree that you should 'walk away' from an NSX just because it has a rebuilt engine.
Mine does and I don't feel as if that is a bad thing. There are many reasons why someone may have that done.
I, for one, had to have it done because my SS box on the BBSC failed and cracked a few pistons.
I had the engine rebuilt by a VERY well known, and respected member of the community. If someone doesn't do their homework and find out exactly why, and who did the repair then they could be missing out on a good deal.
I spoke with one NSX owner whos harmonic balancer broke, causing pistons to twist. Upon dissasembly, the master acura mechanic was shocked to see the internals hardly damaged besides the valves as though it was hardly broken in at 55k miles. I am a firm believer than the NSX engine is incredible even when it requires engine work I doubt there is serious concern.

The NSX has two things going for it, aluminum body and an incredibly engine.
So contact the guys at Speedfab. They've got nothing to lose buy telling you the what if's and how comes! I would'nt run away from it but I'd approach with caution.