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Recommendations for body shop to paint/install WW kit in Orlando

29 December 2003
As the subject line says, I need recommendations for a good body shop in Orlando to paint and install a full wings west kit. If you had it done there would like to see pics.

Thanks in advance,

I thought about that but it seems like no one reads those as much as they do the General and some people from outside of the south east region may know of a good body shop. I didn't want to post this in each forum or double post. If the administrator wants to move it because they believe its in the wrong forum thats fine too.
Hey Carl,
How are you, its Oster at First Class Automotive. You should check out a gut named Vinny, he owns a Body shop in Merrit Island. He has a Nsx that has ALL the bells and whistles as far as a body kit goes on his NSX. He could I'm sure give you very good prices as far as body kits go and i'm sure he has pics he could send you. He specializes in cars with Aluminum bodys so if you ever need any body work done he is definitely the guy to see. He has done work for a number of other guys in Orlando also. Very good work 321-453-6969 is his # Vinny.

Hey Oster,

Thanks for the heads up, I was hoping not to go that far...in a sort of bin anyway with the kit, I already have it, just got to get it sprayed and put on. Getting the car and the kit to the shop won't be easy, will need a favor to get it to whereever I go.

Anyway I need to make an appointment with you guys for service on my car as we talked about. Probably next week though just got back from trip and am up to my head in things. Also got to figure out how to drop the car off. Will call next week.


There is another place in town actually, its in Longwood that i'm sure can do the work for you as far as paint and installation. I have the ph number in my toolbox somewhere. I'll look for it tomorrow. Give me a call after 10am tomorrow.
One of our NSX customers took his car to this shop and got a estimate, he told me there were a number of high end cars there. And the guy showed him some of the cars that were finished so he could see the quality of work that he does. IF I'M NOT MISTAKEN the guy warranties his work for the time you own the car. You would need to chk that. If true you cant beat that with a stick.
But give me a call tomorrow 6/9/05 after 10a and i'll have the number for you.

The place in Longwood is Autosport. The owner Ron painted and installed my WW front, spats and my Vinny's side skirts. They do awesome work and he warranteed the work and paint for life! He does lots of high end cars( Ferrari of Cent. FL., Lambos, etc...)

Vinny would also do a great job, but his shop is in Merrit Island.

Here's Autosport's web page http://autosportbodyworksandrestoration.com/

Tell him Todd referred you.
Thanks Feetfxr,

If you don't mind me asking how much did they charge for the paint and install? you can PM me if you want.

Oster finally figured out who it was on Friday. I called the shop and spoke to Ron he said he wants to look at the body kit prior to agreeing to install. He was worried about the fit up etc. Obviously this isn't the greatest situation but would rather go to a reputable shop. Problem is I can't take the NSX and the parts there at the same time, well not in one car. I guess its a new thing to add to my to do list.

Thanks again,