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Red Acura bumper badge and mesh grill

13 March 2006
Atlantic City
Sorry if these are two "ricey" items, lol.:tongue: At least everything else on my car is functional and performance oriented :)

I need a new bumper badge, as mine is blackening around the edges. I've had my car for over two years and I didn't even realize my red badge was aftermarket until doing a search on these forums (previous owner must have re-badged), but I like the red on red look and want to stay with it.

I also want a nice, shiny grill mesh to put in my front bumper openings, both for the bling factor and to protect my radiator, which has a lot of bent fins. I did this on one of my WRX's once, and it really enhanced the front end, but I bought a pre-fabbed piece for it on ebay. Apparantly no such pre-cut mesh exists for the NSX :(. Worst case scenario I'll buy some uncut and make it myself, but if someone makes them, I'm interested.