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Red Hook Brewery Tour II - May 7th

10 December 2004
Forwarded Message:

Hey NSX guys...

The first Yuppie Racing run of the year... AH the birds are chirping, fresh cut grass, the spring air is clear, and the roar of our YR friends can be heard for miles.

Yes folks it is that time again. Dust off those cars, shine em up and get ready to roll. Everyone is welcome to this great event.

Where: We will be meeting at the lot, at 10:00am, and leaving around 11:00 to head up to NH.

When: May 7th at 10:00

The Lot directions: (The larger lot, NOT the small one we met at in December)


Across the street from this address:
1230 Soldiers Field Road
Boston, MA 02135

Portsmouth, New Hampshire
In 1996, Redhook commissioned its third brewery in Portsmouth, NH. The additional capacity provided by this brewery allows Redhook to expand distribution while continuing to maintain the high quality that is the hallmark of craft brewing.

Redhook Web page: http://www.redhook.com/brew_portsmouth.html

We will be parking in the back side of there lot and having lunch up there.
YR would love to see you all at this cruise, however if you want to just meet us at the brewery, this is fine as well. We should be up there close to noon.

Hope to see some sweet cars up there!!

'05 C55 AMG
'03 Vette Z06
Thanks for the information.
Unfortunately, I will be in Europe during that time. :frown:

Have fun!
I should be able to make this event. It's only about five miles from my house though so I will probably just meet you there.
TigerNSX said:
Thanks for the information.
Unfortunately, I will be in Europe during that time. :frown:

Have fun!

Hey Yong!!

Sorry to hear you can't make it :frown:

I'm down in the NYC :biggrin: Living in the Village with the Z06! You and the wife still thinking of heading down this way?

Guys, I am so jealous I won't be closer to hit this run as easily. It was a blast last year, and the folks at Redhook were great! The food was great and the people were great. The run was quite fun (although it was the first weekend NH decided to institute a toll!).

Love to see some more NSX attend.

Also, for you tri-state area folks I am organizing a NYC early AM fun run. I will post up shortly about that. I'm sure Tiger can tell you about how much fun we had at the Boston run last year.

Owner of YuppieRacing dot Com
Some pictures from the last Red Hook Run:











Need more NSX guys!!!

Current list of attendees:

1. Sully - 350Z
2. ScottZ - Z06
3. reddeath - Z16
4. karc - Riding along and video taping Very Happy
5. Lotus Man - Esprit V8
6. Tibbychick - Tiburon
7. Infy - Neon SRT-4
8. Crazy Al - SS Truck
9. KrysyGT - Celica
10. sillyspheres - EVO
11. silver10th - Mustang Cobra
12. caz_nsx - NSX
13. 2000GTS - Viper GTS
14. Capt. - F355
15. JoshS - Supra
16. leemik - 350Z
17. cfree - Neon SRT-4
18. 2manytickets - rx7
19. screw991le - Corvette C5
20. Chris_Waldron - Esprit V8
21. Bruce (Lotus Board) - Elise
22. Steve(Lotus Board) - Esprit V8
23. Tom(Lotus Board) - 87 Esprit HCi
24. Jim (Lotus Board) - Elan M100
25. Chandra (Lotus Board) - Esprit SE '91
26. Bob (Lotus Board) - Esprit V8
27. Jeff (Lotus Board) - 87 Esprit Turbo
28. Darin (Boston Sportscar) - Ferrari 308 GT4
29. Ford GT - Mustang GT
30. seltech - Neon SRT-4
31. enzoforza - F355 or 360
32. czm3 - e30 m3
33. jmh - X5 4.6is
34. Hunters360 - 360 Spider
35. ollie23 - '05 G35
36. VANISH - Corvette C6
37. Corpse - Red C5
38. Sinitron - Insane Civic
39. Sinitron's Friend - 98 M3
40. McGershwinn (G350Z.com) - 350Z mebbe..
41. MidnightShark (DTMpower) - M3
42. Greddy4777 - 350Z
43. Silk32 - SLK
44. Kotu100 - Neon SRT-4
45. Black Halo -(MBworld) C230K
46. copper designo - (MBworld) SLK230k
47. 55fanatic - (MBworld) ML55
48. Proff. Griff (MBworld) E430 or S500
49. Xtian230 (MBworld) clk500
50. Jlee (MBworld) CLK55
51. DTSupra30- 95' Supra
52. BAD03COBRA - 03 Cobra
53. chris2 - c5
54. Siverstone - 350Z
Just a quick reminder to let you all know that the weather is going to be spectacular this Saturday for this event! We're gonna have a nice group of exotics join us. Looking forward to seeing some new faces!
What route are you taking from Boston to Portsmouth - since I am from Concord, NH, I was wondering if you where going by any route that I could hook up with you guys? :smile: