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Red NSX spotted in SE MI today!!

13 November 2003
Farmington Hills, Michigan
It was very nice to see another NSX out in today in MIchigan. Red, black top, nice chrome wheels heading North on Woodward @ 3:45 pm. Anyone on this board? It was such a nice day out today and my Dad wnated to take his car out but his insurance is in suspense since he does not drive it this time of yr. but he is itching to get it out and about!

Man I need Spring weather!!!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin:
I thought you had a gun metal finish on your wheels? Anyway, I was in Hunter House and it looked great going down the road! A lot of nice cars today were out. I saw an NSX, E55 AMG, dozen 7 series, porsche, you name it, it was out. Nice to see the nice cars coming out of hibernation. :biggrin:
My rims are silver, not quite gun metal but they are a shade that is close to it.
I was headed to play hockey at Detroit skating club at square lake and telegraph, at about 230pm. I insure mine all year long just in case its nice. :biggrin: