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reinstall passenger driveshaft

5 December 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Anyone have any tips on how to re install the passenger driveshaft into the intermediate driveshaft.

1. Where do you pound/hit in order to get the driveshaft to seat back in?
2. does the set ring at the end of the driveshaft need to be replaced?

3. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated

you should always replace the retaining ring. hold the axle by the outer joint,then push it staight in hard. You may have to push a few times but it will go. Then check it to make sure the clip is holding tight.
Mark recommended to me that you should put some grease over and around the circlip to keep it centered in the groove.

Since you have had the shaft out install it into the suspension end first, snug the nut on the outer axle(torque it later). Install the inner CV over the intermediate shaft so it lines up with the splines. Grab the lower suspension arm by the two ears and pull it towards the engine quickly, kind of "snap" in into place. Takes all of three seconds, works every time:).

When I changed my drivers side CV boots and went to put it back together, I geased the little circlip to keep it centered and then a mechanic told me to install the driveshaft into the tranny first and then line up the suspension side next. I lightly oiled the splines and started the process and it looked like it wasn't going to go in and then all of a sudden, pop, it slid into the hub. Installed the axle nut, torqued and peened and it's worked fine. It seems there is more than one way to skin this cat. :wink:
Mine need replacing. What is the price and part number for the right rear assembly of this driveshaft? Thanks.
I haven't got a recent pricing available from the dealer. Best to call your local one and see what they go for and hopefully with our club discount.