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removable wallpaper paste?

31 July 2001
Boston, MA
My wife wants to put up a mural in my son's room that's about 12'x8' and wants to be able to take it down without leaving a mess of a wall behind. It's previously been put up with tape and tacks and staples so it's sort of a mess and needs to be pasted up this time. Is anyone familiar with any sort of 'removable wallpaper paste'? I couldn't find anything with google other than 'removable wallpaper'.
Any wallpaper paste can be removed. It's just a royal PITA.
which is why i'm asking about one that ISN'T a royal PITA :). I'm sure there is something, but I couldn't find a good interior decorating forum.
Couple of years back they advertised such a product here on tv. Easy on, just peels right off....afaik it was a pos, still needed to go through the the PITA method later.