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repaired board, new transistor still no ac blower

16 April 2002
my ac was working great ! after I had the board cleaned and all the little round thingys replaced. then about two weeks latter the blower quit blowing ?
I pulled the unit and cleaned the motor really well, replaced the transistor and still no blow. any ideas, Its hot as ever now, about to pass out at stop lights.
check fuses???
make some jumper wires from 12 or 16 gauge wires and put some aligator clamps (found at fry's or radio shack) on the ends and then attach them to battery and unplug motor attach jumpers to motor connector and see what happens...if motor does not run you need a new one if it does you need to look deeper for why your not getting power to the motor ..also check to see what kind of voltage your getting (if any ) at that motor connector should be aprox batt voltage on high speed.
Hi Brian, I was hoping you would see this thread. I don't know how to check a relay ? is fuse 28 the one in the main box on the passenger side ? they look good.
There is only one #28 so if you found it you got it. :smile: See the reference above for the service manual and the location of the relay. Remove it and give it a good look over. You can also tap it a couple of times and/or wiggle it and see what happens.
My first check would be the blower relay. Often, when the blower goes bad it will increase the amps draw just enough to heat the relay load conn's, but not blow the fuse. As Brian mentioned it is in relay box "A" behind the spare tire. The blower relay is in the right (as you are looking at it) corner, front. Pull it out and look in the box to see if the terminal receptacels are melted. Also, this is the best place to jump the circuit to bypass all control functions in the control unit.
Do this by making a jumper (14ga) and connecting it into the relay box in the two terminals which correspond to the two COPPER spades on the relay. The two brass or silver colored spades are the ground and signal wires which activate the relay. You can check these with a DVOM. One should be hard to ground at all times, and one should be hot with blower turned on- manually or autoally :rolleyes:

Thanks for the info, I will check this weekend and let you know whats up. Thanks a lot for all your help. You guys are great !!
OK found the relay and it was melted, switched it with the horn relay "I have no horn" and the a/c runs great. Thanks for the help guys. :biggrin:

Now if you can help tune the turbo, get my teins adjusted, keep my stop techs from locking up in the front, refit the wide body kit and carbon hood, repaint the car and upgrade the seats I should be good to go :eek: