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Repaired spool valve leaking again

21 June 2011
Seattle, WA
I have a 1998 NSX with the common leaking spool valves and last fall picked up the filter assembly consisting of a seal and screen as well as the solenoid base gasket (15825-P08-005, 36172-P08-015). The new seals went fine, and I reassembled everything. However, I did one install with lightly oiled seals before I double checked directions that specified dry install. The other went on dry. That was about 500 miles ago. I don't remember which was which, but now the rear spool valve is leaking some oil again. I'm pretty sure it wasn't leaking immediately after I put the new seals in, but I'm not 100%.

1) Would putting these seals back wet result in a leak so soon?
2) If I pull the spool valve out again to install dry, will I need to pick up new seals?

Thanks for any insight!
1) Looks like it did (unless you pinched it on reinstall).
2) Maybe not if you can dry it off real well (maybe with denatured alcohol), but is it worth the cost to find out?
Had no idea that these could be that finicky. I'll reinstall some new dry ones. I think you are right about not being worth the time to try and save a couple bucks. I'll order up the new ones. Thanks!
Before I did anything I would clean the area really well and take a good look at the VC gasket and the cam plugs. Always look for the highest wet spot to determine the oil leak.

The gaskets on the 1995 up spool valves are pretty thick(thicker then the earlier ones) and I really am having a hard time thinking this is still leaking unless, they are mis-installed and/or pinched. I do always install them dry though, for future reference.

If you have done the VC gaskets and/or cam plugs already, you can remove the leaking spool valve and have a look. You said it is the rear one, so not that bad to get to;).

Larry, thanks for the reply.

I just took another look after cleaning things up again. I haven't taken the car out yet to check, but I think you are right.

After doing the spool valves, I wasn't leaking oil to the floor any longer but betting I missed the much smaller leak that was smoldering occasionally on the exhaust.

I've got the VC gaskets for when I got around to a valve adjustment. If the plugs look like too big of a hassle, I may not be doing the job myself.

Thanks again!