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Repairing front driver side fender

20 October 2005
Dallas, Texas
A big Chevy Tahoe backed into my NSX on SAT night in the valet line. I have some light damage on my front driver side fender. The fender is crushed forming a large dent (about 3 inches of displacement at the deepest point in the crushed area). The fender is slightly pushed into the front headlight so that the pop up light rubs against the edge of the crushed fender panel now. Also the side blinker that nests inside the panel has popped out.

I'm about to go to a repair shop and had a few questions. Is the front fender aluminum? If it is, should I try to just get the entire fender replaced or can a dent this size be repaired?

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!
The whole car is aluminum. You can probably pick up a used one from somebody that went widebody. Check the parts for sale section & ebay.
If it's just the fender, I'd buy one of the same color in the for sale section and be done with it. It's fairly easy to install, just requires removing the front bumper.

I did this on my first NSX, had a little damage to my fender and bought a used black fender and installed it myself. It looked perfect and I sold the damage fender for cheap to recoup some of my money.
I have a left OEM fender for sale.
PM me with your location if you are interested so that I can calculate shipping costs from France.