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Replacement cost for cracked windshield ?

19 July 2004
Houston Texas
Today I was driving to my brothers house on the highway, and just when I had plenty of room between me and other cars (ie, 10-15 car lengths till next car) a rock flew up and hit my window. It left a bullseye right in the middle of my window and its annoying the heck out of me now.

I see in the faq that someone had a replacement done for $468 from a third party, and that they had a quote for $750 from Acura dealership. What have some of you paid, and have you had a hard time finding glass places that can repair your Nsx windshield? Please give input !
i'v had to replace my entire windshield and got it done by safelite autoglass! now depends if u want factory which ranges from $350-400 or aftermarket for $198.00 :biggrin: