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Replacing coaxial speakers only?

23 October 2000
Irvine, CA
Well, there have been so many speaker threads I can't even begin to recall... but I have simplier needs.. I like the asthetics of the stock stereo - what i don't like is the fact that my speakers are crackling like crazy. I know that if i get them fixed, its just a matter of time before it happens again. Soo... Whats the easiest way to upgrade the side pieces? Anyone have any experience with the Dali Goldenears system? Specifically, just the mounting pieces for the coaxials... What else do i need, and what kind of job am i looking at?
You need speakers and an amp. The job is pretty straightforward if that's all you are planning to upgrade.
I believe the crackling noise is usually caused by the amp, and not the speakers. No?

And you can eliminate the crackling noise by getting the amp(s) repaired, costs around $100-200. More info in the FAQ.

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It was my understanding that the problem was with Bose using bad (green, save the earth type) caps. Once replaced with normal (destroy the earth type) electrolytic caps they should be far more reliable, or so I've been told. I also looked at replacing the bose speakers/amps but ended up deciding on just fixing them because it was easier. They have been reliable since.