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Replacing Front Bumper/Lights

24 March 2005
Memphis, TN
So I'm considering purchasing an early model NSX ('91-'94) and a few of the possibilites are ones that have been clipped hard in the front and need a new bumper and lights. I'd like to get a price estimate as to how much everything needed would cost. In one guy's post on here, he says that there's a guy in New York selling everything for $2,000. Is that the general going rate for all the parts...not from a Stealership of course... If I could get a quote for '91-'94 bumper/lights and for '02+, it would be much appreciated.

I had figured it wouldn't be THAT cheap. So $7,000 is about the rate I would be looking at for the front end conversion? Any idea about the '91-'94 front ends?
That's a big variable depending on what parts are required - for the '02+ conversion you know all the parts but for a front end damaged vehicle with a like-like repair, it depends on what needs to be replaced.
Check here for guide on replacement parts costs - look under the front bumper, front combination lights, hood, headlights, headlight retractable etc
You can probably get ~ 10% better than those prices
The bumper upper & lower covers & lip are ~ $1200, not counting if you need new beam, absorber etc etc. If you need lights, hood it can all add up too.
You can also get after-market complete front ends which will be a cheaper route.
So I guess the best route would be to just get the headlamps/turnsignals and get a decent looking kit? I think there's a guy on here selling a whole kit for $500. I don't get that price. They don't usually go that cheap do they?