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Replacing Trunk Supports/Struts

14 December 2006
I like to think that I am not a complete idiot, that some of the parts are missing.

I have 2 new trunk supports/struts and I am having trouble installing them. I can remove the old ones from the trunk lid but when it comes to getting them off the car, I can't get them removed from the "ball" end of the bolt that threads into the car.

Anyone out there who has done this ? I assume there is some real easy trick I am missing, so if any one wants to fill me in on what I need to do to get the old supports off it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
The easy trick is to buy replacement ball studs from the dealership, they're like $3/ea

If you want to remove your OEM ones, its an ordeal, some people have posted about an easy experience, I didn't post about mine, but it took 45 minutes of dremel tool to extract one of them, then I went online and discovered it was a $3 part (I went to Acura after that).

Essentially there is a small metal ring that clips around the ball stud once you press it into the socket on the trunk strut, once this has clipped in, its impossible to gain access to the ring in order to remove it. One member posted about his detailer having a dental tool which was able to gain access to the ring, to facilitate removal, but aside from this special case, you have to grind the old strut off of the stud. The old strut's socket is some kind of hardened metal, which ate through dremel blades (I probably used $3 in dremel blades cutting the old strut off of the stud).

So, basically, call Acura tomorrow and see if they have the studs in stock, if they do, order them - you will be glad you did. There is a degree of satisfaction to be had from reusing old parts, but trust me, the removal of the old struts will only lead to frustration/annoyance.
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Odd, I have replaced both my trunk and engine cover struts and it only took a few minutes to do either pair.
Did you by chance get them from SOS?
I just did the engine hatch struts. Took all of 10 mins. The new OEM struts came complete assembly (ball joint and bracket). My trunk struts were going out too. Solution: installed CF spoiler, now it works just fine.
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I did the dental pick approach and it went well. My original struts lasted 12 years, so I went with the OEMs ($30) each. The studs were $10 each, so that was the motivation to use the old ones if it was easy to do.

I unbolted the stud from the body so I could put the old strut in a vice to hold it steady to get at the clips.

PM me if you want me to pull out the posting that provided details on the dental pick approach.

'96 NSX-T
Or you could take your struts, ball joints and all, to Frank Irvine at Strutwise and have them recharged. The price is very reasonable. He did mine and they lasted about five or six years. I currently have the SOS struts, because they look cool.
OLDMNSX posted a step by step, couple of minute, fool proof, easy way to do it. You'll have to search but it's here somewhere in DIY. I'll take longer to find it than to do the job.
Maybe p/m him and he'll guide you to it or just re-post it for you.
It works.

I just replaced my struts about 2 months ago.

The easiest way is to replace the ball stud, and strut together. All you need is a 12mm wrench, and needle nose pliers. Someone on Prime recommended to use a gift wrap tube to keep your trunk open when you have the strut off the trunk lid.

If you're like me and don't want to break the paint from the quarter panel, then you have 2 options.
Option 1: OLDMNSX's way is to use 2 dental picks and try to wedge the spring clip over the ball of the ball stud. (I tried this, got frustrated and went to option 2.

Option 2: Get out your dremel tool and cut a slit into the ball stud housing and when you see it cutting through the spring clip, stop and use a needle nose to pull one half of the spring clip out and the strut will separate from the ball stud.





PM me if you need more details.
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OLDMNSX posted a step by step, couple of minute, fool proof, easy way to do it. You'll have to search but it's here somewhere in DIY. I'll take longer to find it than to do the job.
Maybe p/m him and he'll guide you to it or just re-post it for you.
It works.


Here YA GO, Thanks Wink.

I replaced my trunk struts and removed the ball ends with two dental tools. The secret is to push the round clip into the socket, opposite side from the split, with one of the tools and take the other tool and lift one of the ends of the split in the ring out. As the end starts to come out take the first tool and lift under the ring and gently move around the socket.

The first one took me about 10 minutes to figure it out and the second one took about 5 min. It would have taken a lot longer if my wife would have been there watching me telling me what to do, may never have gotten it!

If shipping was more inexpensive I would be glad to switch anybodys for them, now that I am back in Idaho, not Afghanistan. Shipping would probably cost what the new ball studs cost. Oh, well the offer stands. No charge for NSX owners!

OK I used a table mounted grinder, grinded the damn thing right to the point where the spring inside the ball was used a needlenose plyer and pulled it out,, it took about 45 seconds to do,, getting the tablemounted grinder outta my parents house drive it to my house took 45 minutes,, why didnt i do it there cuz i didnt know how much was involved,, but i didnt buy them at acura dealer cuz they didnt have the ball stud in stock,, a week to get it I said I'll do it my self,, I would do it again wasnt that hard!! but before i grinded it i tried everything from paper clips to plastic straws jabbed down in the hole to uncompress the spring nothing worked,,, so i got mad,,, hahahah not one scratch on the stud itself either!!