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Review: Angus AP-X Exhaust and Resonated Test Pipes ('00-'05)

4 March 2012
Calgary, AB Canada
I had recently received my exhaust and TPs from Wil and spent last night with a buddy putting the parts on. The hardest part of the process is of course removing the OEM unit and the catalytic converters in particular were a bit tricky. The install process/finished product basically looks like this, except I used Angus Resonated Test Pipes instead of the adaptor pipes with stock cats: http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showthread.php?t=135649. Same car, too :D.

The product is definitely as advertized. Lining up the muffler tips was an easy task and the welding and fitment is of a high qualify. Getting the exhaust on - much easier than taking off the OEM. The X-pipe design allows you to assemble the exhaust,test-pipes and mufflers piece-by-piece to ensure installation isn't cumbersome and it is easy to adjust the exhaust so everything lines up nice and center. Not to mention, the design is also better for flow which should translate to more gains relative to some of the more "busy" units out there.

I am very pleased with the sound of the exhaust, which is spot on to all the previous reviews. With the resonated test-pipes there is virtually no drone and the exhaust remains quiet (almost stock) with low-throttle at low-rpm, which is perfect for cruising. No CEL. Start opening up the throttle and you really hear the NSX come to life, with a smooth yet exotic tone. In no way is the exhaust obnoxious nor does it scream "look at me, I changed my muffler". Rather, the car is renewed with a sound and presense that you would expect from a stock exotric car. There were some delays in getting the exhaust and I received it later than I was expecting and hoping, but overall I am pleased with the product and Wil was good to deal with.