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RIP Morgan Freeman.

Another great actor gone.:frown: Damn!

You gotta be kidding me!!! what happened? this dude was still healthy and playing in movies. Oh man this sucks he was one of my favorites.
Morgan Freeman fell victim to death hoax. The "Oblivion" actor is alive and well despite reports circulating on Facebook that he suddenly passed away. A page has been created on the social network and gained more than 60,000 "likes".
Oh thank God...

why do people do that? they don't have anything better to do than fake someone else's death?
Yep, I just found out myself. My wife read it on face book. F-ing facebook.:mad: Well I'm glad it's untrue anyway. Sorry guys I was duped.:redface:
Jeeze when he really does die no one will believe it.
...anything to drive advertising revenue for some greedy idiot

*follow the money*