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Rise and Drive 2019 Season

23 February 2016
Today was the first Rise and Drive of the 2019 season.

Participation started slow but really filled in to the best turn out I have seen in this location.

Biggest surprise was the huge Tesla turn out. One guy had a model X that blinked the lights and flapped the door to some tune.

No other NSX participation, but lots of interest in the car. One dad ran after his 2 year old as she made a bee line for the car with her chocolate donut covered hands.

Lots of Vettes and some nice 911s.

A good mix of Ferraris from 355, 458 and a V12. A guy in a yellow Portofino made a cameo appearance, drove around the lot and left.

There was a high spec 600LT with the doors up.

I was parked next to a nice guy with a new GTR, tastefully modded.

Lou Constabile, a local vlogger introduced himself, we had a nice chat about the NSX and he asked to do a video. I am on the fence on that as I like to stay pretty anonymous.


Lat year I was thinking collectors car garage was going to fail as their big customer (LaFerrari, LFA, multiple P1s, F1) went elsewhere. They reduced the size of the facility and had it pretty full. Nice Carrera GT sitting there.
3 Gens one came today.

Had a lovely chat with Morgan and met Salli's fantastic daughter.
A couple of Gen 1 cars joined me today

Had a nice conversation with an owner of a 92 with lots of Type R mods

There was also a RHD car