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River Run Video

11 August 2011
Arlington, VA
Been wanting to tinker around with the Apple video software and used the footage from the River Run to make a video. All of the embedded versions (youTube, Vimeo) came out absolutely horrible, but it seems I can link directly to the file and have it start using this link:



This is actually just the 1st part of the run and if you haven't been to a River Run may give you a feel for what its like. It is of course quite different being behind the wheel.

The video was recorded simply with an ipod Touch and a $10 suction cup mount from Amazon. It is sort of my test to see if I want to drop the big $$ on a GoPro. Video quality actually came out pretty good, although it isn't HD - which may be why all the streaming versions have come out like total garbage. 100% open to video suggestions and tweaks.
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Sadly no. Would have made for a nice film though :) Especially if we could have panned over to capture my 80MPH conversation with that guy on the motorcycle.

I was watching that in the mirror, lol crazy!! :biggrin: