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RM Harness Bar

14 February 2000
Eugene, OR., USA
I am going to install an RM Racing harness bar and the installation instructions are easy to understand. My only concern is the notching out of the uphostery around the bar where it attaches to the seat belt anchor. Has anyone installed an RM harness bar and can you give me any suggestions about trimming around the bar.
I think RM is the only harness bar I haven't installed. The ones I have seen just try to trim them as close as possible and it looks OK because you don't really look back there anyway. The best bet is probably just trim a little less than you think you'll need, try it, then trim a bit more and repeat until it just fits.

I do have a suggestion though. Those trim panel pieces are cheap - maybe $20 each. Pick up a pair of new ones now while they are readily available and just hang onto them. Then if you ever want to remove the bar or sell the car you'll have them.