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RM vs Tubi

17 September 2001
leawood,ks 66211 usa
can someone compare these two exhaust systems,who sells the RM?after reading some of the forums i think i'd like to improve the sound of my '92.any help?
tino is maybe going to do another group buy that is why i asked if anyone could compare them?which one sounds better?which one installs easier?which one looks better ounce installed?who sells the RM?
RM Racing sells the RM exhaust, but Randy's website must be down. There were earlier problems with the quality of this unit, but I think they were much better recently. The RM has a low, almost bratty sound, very nice at low RPM's, but might get on some nerves at louder volumes. There have also been notes about cabin resonances at certain RPM's. I have only heard them from the outside.

I have the Tubi on my car ('95) and like it very much indeed. Check out my posts on the southeast forum and the main forum for pictures and mine and other owner's install tales. The dual tips are beautiful, but you will probably have to adjust hangers to make them even on both sides. The tips are also not parallel, but not enough to bother me. I hope to get some sound files this weekend at VIR, but not sure of in the car files since Mark Johnson did not send me the harness bar I ordered 4 weeks ago.

Gary Yates
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My son John has an RM on his NSX and I've got the Tubi on mine. No comparison in quality. Sound is subjective. The Tubi, after six months sounds like it really should. Tubi engineers and manufactures exhausts for F1, race cars as well as for street cars, I don't doubt their quality.
I did not have to bend any hangers on mine; the tips have not touched my valence in over six months including a few track events. The next production run will have an extra half inch clearance just to please the sceptics.
Tino S.
i have a rm on my nsx and i love the sound of it, i dont know how many compliments ive got on the way it sounds. rm is a great company and have treated me with much respect, now its time to do the rm exhaust on the 360 yaaaaa!
I don't think there's going to be a big difference in quality. Ultimately I think it comes down to the sound. I recommend listen to the sound files mentioned.

My interpetation is:

RM - reminds me of a big block sound, throaty tuba.

Tubi - more big bike like, definitely higher pitched, wailing trumpet.
hey randall--what are u doing this afternnoon. supposed to be a beautiful day. wanted to see if you are interested in swinging by this afternoon. page me at 8006786310 and leave a number i can call you back on. would love to see your nsx...hope you get this
I have used the RM racing duel tip exhaust since week one.I purchased it for two main reasons 1- asthetically I liked it better than most that I was aware of @ that time "the duel tip". 2 Randi's shop is in an Arizona and I was in Arizona at that time.To me the exhaust is much louder than stock,although not so loud I can't be discreat while cruising lets say "past a cop" as long as I am not laying into it.My freinds have commented how loud it is and I guess because they are usually in my rear view I can understand. :)
Moreover I have heard sound clips of Group M and that sounds a little more "crisp" and "Ferrari like" to me which I would prefer.The RM sounds a little bit lower in tone and "throatier" equally nice and "looks wise" in my opinion RM is more my taste.Thats just what I have found for me.

Originally posted by SJJ28:
There was a short clip of the tubi here http://www.moomoo.biz/nsx_tubi.mpg
and I thought that Lud was going to post it as well, but I'm not certain if or where he did it!


I'm revamping the whole exhaust section of the FAQ since there are so many new options out there. It will be in there, hopefully next week.

I just heard it yesterday too!!

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Ok vegasnsx.. The day you get the 360 ill be out buying my "ULTIMA".. Not to get off the exhaust i would run the RM it sound Sweet..
Mr. Man, I wish I knew what "Sweet" sound means. My son has an RM on his NSX and I have a Tubi on mine. I don't hear anything "sweet" about his. He's sent it back once for a 're-stuffing" when it was a month old, he's constantly trying to keep the tips shiny, it's discolored beyond recognition and the thing sounds like a Loud Muffler, nothing more. My Tubi sounds a bit like some of the competition exhausts I've had on race cars and it's still as shiny as it was on Day 1. I even think it sounds (much) better than my stock 360. (Don't take my word for this, I'm the one who arranged the frist Tubi group buy.<G>)
A good Tubi exhaust video/audio (or audio only) may be seen/heard on the posting by "akira3d" in this thread http://www.nsxprime.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/002750-2.html Have a look/listen....

The video/audio is a demo of a red NSX that is Tino Stratomas' (Tubi dealer) going back and forth on a surface street.

IMO, the low pitch Tubi sound is similar to the RM when on the throttle, but maybe not as loud. I have heard the low pitch RM in person (although I have not heard the two exhausts side-by-side like Tino has). However, you'll hear that when he lets off the NSX throttle at high rpms, the exhaust lets out a higher pitch metallic note reminiscent of the 360 exhaust note when on the throttle at rpms.

BTW, since getting my Tubi last month, my gas mileage has plummeted from 20-24 mpg to 16-18 mpg, because I find myself winding the rpms up on every gear. For economy's sake I hope I get over this soon..., but based on my conversation about this with Tino, I may not.... (neither has he).

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