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Rolling Road EFI is here!

14 November 2023
SW Florida
My name's Sebastian and I'm a reflash tuner (CANBUS/KLine only) down in the SW Florida area. Basically we do what Hondata/KTuner does but without any hardware, we just modify the ROM by hand (cheaper for the end user AND deeper). I also do ECU recovery and immobilizer deletes. Local or remote, doesn't stop me.

If anyone's down in the Fort Myers area I'm looking for meets and 2nd generation owners. I really want to be the first to reflash tune an NSX on Honda Tuning Suite so if you're on the fence about it I'll even do it for free. That's how much I want it lol. The cool part is you don't have to buy anything either, you just need me.

Looking forward to meeting some of you guys. I have no car friends down here and it sucks.