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Rubbing at full lock, any problems down the road?

10 February 2001
Southern California
Just lowered the car with eibachs and put in 17/18 inch wheels. I have some rubbing issues that I did not have before. Aside from the annoying noise when I make a u-turn and 3-point turns, are there going to be any potential problems later on?

You'll probably notice that on the inner ridges of your front fender, the black surface material is rubbing off. You can solve the problem by taking a rubber mallet and flattening these ridges. Sounds extreme, but it is really an easy solution.

-- Chris


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Would it be safe to assume that after awhile the rubbing will stop because all the material on the inner front fender will eventually rub off? Or will that not be possible?

The front wheels are 17x7.5 with a +40 offset, and I'm running 215/40ZR17 tires with eibachs and bilsteins all around. Are there any other ways to remedy this? Would taking out the eibachs and lower the car with just the bilsteins to 7/8 of an inch eliminate the rubbing?



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I have the rubbing on my fronts since I have 235 tires.

It will eventually rub off the plastic fender and then start getting into the tire.

The ONLY problem is if your taking a hard turn other then that it will not affect your fast driving too much

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Would just removing the inner fender solve the problem???? Or is the outer and inner fender one piece??? Any bad effects if I remove the inner fender???