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S2k to NSX

25 July 2022
Hi all,
This is my first post and randomly came across this topic. I had own many cool cars in the pass but nothing fancy. E36/46/F80 M3/M4, M2C, 2009 GTR, 2003 Evo8, GT4, AP1.2 S2000 etc..
However, recently I wanted to get into a 997.2 3RS but the price rocked sky high to 200-250k compared to 3years ago which was at $120-150k.
Long story short, I sold my 2003 S2000 with OEM top, it was a very nice build and the funnest car I ever driven and possibly the car I missed the most.
Things all changed when I saw a GPW 93 NSX for sale and I really wanted to try something new. Since I am turning 40, I told myself fuxk it I am gonna try it out, since another car that I brought from Japan won’t allow for import until next April.
I’ve never seen the this NSX nor driven any NSX before and brought it blindly/randomly. Hopefully I won’t regret selling the s2k to pickup this NSX [emoji1694]
Here’s my current setup and a pic of my beloved s2k going down the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca. Hope I won’t regret this decision.

Welcome to NSX Prime! GPW is a very sought after color, so please make sure to post pics!
post vin we can then see its prime history..
well your car is off the prime grid...I'm sure there are folks with some knowledge of it..
Congrats on the pickup. The NSX is simply magical. You'll love it! Although I will say, I still love my S2000.

Post some pics!
...and now has an imola...the circle of nsx...