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Safety Inspection Question

6 November 2002
I needed to get a car of mine inspected so I could have it registered here. The station I took it to failed it for the left outer tie rod. The stamped "FAILED" on the certificate and wrote in the reason box "LEFT OUTER TIE ROD" Very specific indeed.

So I take it down a shop to have it fixed. They replace the left outer tie rod and sure enough, that didn't fix it. It's the left INNER tie rod. So I wasted about $100 and half of my Friday afternoon to have the wrong part replaced.

I go back to the shop on Saturday and waste another half day and spend another $100 or so to have the inner tie rod replaced. This fixed it, but now I'm pissed at the inspection station. Do I have any right to ask them to reimburse me what I had to pay to have the wrong part replaced? I mean, it was failed by them for a very specific reason. They won't reinspect the car until I get what they said failed, fixed. What do you guys think?