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Salvage Titles?

24 March 2005
Memphis, TN
Could I get a possible VIN check on this NSX?


I had another VIN number, but I can't find it now, and I think they had the VIN number on autotrader, but its not showing now, but what do you guys think of this advertisement even though its a Rebuilt title? This one is actually somewhat local (80 miles) to me, so I may check it out.

1992 ACURA NSX, 29k miles-rebuild title, new water pump & timing belt, recent Acura 27 pt inspection, new B&B exhaust, engine bay detailed, after market wheels, good tires, everything works. Looks & drives like new. Call for more info or email for more photos.

They want $24,000 for the Salvage one, and it has 53,000 miles, and the second one with the Rebuilt title has 29,000 miles and they want $24,500. What do you guys think? I'd be better off buying a Clean title for the same price?
salvaged title is worth about 1/2 of KBB.... those sound way over priced to me....stay away from anything other then clean titles IMHO.
From what I understand a salvaged title will be very hard to sell unless its priced really cheap. Think about it.... miles are nothing for these cars, but a rebuilt/salvaged car is only as good as the person that put it back together. I would go for the high milage nsx verses a salvaged/rebuilt one. A rebuilt/salvage title will follow the car its entire life.
Twinsen said:
What do you guys think? I'd be better off buying a Clean title for the same price?
I think you'd be better off buying a clean title car, even though it will probably cost $5-7K more for a decent car of similar mileage. Or, you'd also be better off buying a clean title car for the same price but with much higher mileage (which was mackash's suggestion).
Sounds good to me. Thanks for your quick replies, I shall continue my search. I may just end up getting one from a Stealership with trading in my 3000GT.
Yeah not only will the salvage/rebuilt title follow the car around so will all the things that are just not quite right about the car, I bought an 85 CRX with a salvage title for 350$ and drove the crap outta that car for 2 years but a 25k car with salvage title sounds not good to me. sure you will get higher milage but afterall its a Honda!........ :smile: