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Saturday Fun! Plasti Dip Rear Bumper

6 September 2002
Minneapolis, MN USA
So after today's Cars & Café in Minneapolis I decided to attempt my blackout bumper idea, seeing as I've got the Difflow diffuser and R wing on now. I like the result, not love it. The corners are round (courtesy of a 1" washer for a template) but look a bit sharp. I'll let it sink in and see how I like it tomorrow - if I don't, it peels right off!

Here's the saga:

First, tape off the pattern after a ridiculous amount of measuring and tape line straightening:


Add some painter's paper to protect against overspray (just for easier cleanup really):

Remove the 4 screws that hold the license plate lights and tuck them up and out of the way (and take them apart and clean the 22 years of dirt out of the lenses while you are there):

After 2 coats, still showing plenty of red through:

After 4 coats its better, but not perfect. It took a total of 6 light coats to get all the surface and edges covered, about 5 min between each (it was dry due to light coats, heat and wind - the instructions say like 3 hours...):

Now the HARD part. You see, this neat Plasti Dip product is made to cover entire objects, not stop at a mythical line the in center of an object, like a bumper for example. Its rubber, and rubber will tear as it doesn't respect the line of my tape. Knowing this, I tried to move quickly after the last coat to get the tape to peal away leaving a nice clean edge, but no - it had already turned to rubber and wanted to peal up all of it when I pulled the tape.

Solution? A brand new Exacto blade and a super light touch to cut the surface of the rubber at the tape line, avoiding the clear coat underneath. Both corners tore a small bit if you look really closely as I didn't cut in enough...I'll deal with that after it sets up more.

Here's how it turned out:



It looks like a really well done flat black paint job...I'm impressed with the results coming out of a spray can I must say:


looks cool indeed :biggrin:
Thats a truly different look.

Visually I think it works from a distance, up close its a toss up

Either way, nice garage :biggrin:
From a distance looks decent, but close up it literally looks like black masking tape on your bumper.

I also have some auto-grade matte black vinyl I was going to do it with, but decided to start with the Plasti Dip. That actually WOULD be a big piece of black electrical tape.

I'm calling this an experiment for now. Now that I see it, I'm thinking how to make it wider (ala the R-GT bumper) but there is no line to work from on the lower valance. Maybe I need to get that bumper...it never ends I guess.
I REALLY like the black in the license plate area, and even if I peal the bumper part off I'll slice a line just inside the rolled lip and leave it matte black.

FYI using the spray Plasti Dip is super easy, and with a minimum of skill it lays down flat and even, all you need to do is plan ahead a bit.

I've seen guys black out their car logos as well...I think that would look neat on my car due to all of the black/CF accents I'm running - I still have half a can of Dip left...
nice job! I love plasti-dip :)

I think you need to lower your car more :) It'll make a huge difference in my opinion.
OK, so day two finds me liking it a lot. I grabbed a 1.5" washer and recut the corner radius to a larger size and it looks way better. I brought it by my brother's place today and had him look at the back - he started commenting on the Difflow...I said, "no, the bumper" and he asked "hasn't it always been like that?" Its far more matte after drying overnight, and I've got to say it looks like its supposed to be there. I'll bring it to NSXPO - you can all check it out then.



As to other questions:
- No, I scrape the front splitter everywhere I go now, so I won't be lowering the car any more. Putting in adjustable height air suspension that works as well as the HKS ProMax I've got so I can park it dropped and drive it up - maybe.

- The edges of the Plast Dip are tight like paint - you can barely feel the edge really. I obviously won't be focussing a high pressure hose on the line, but its on there very well and should hold up fine. They spray whole cars and wheels with this stuff - its on there!
Very creative use of Plasti Dip, and I can dig it. I like the fact that it's totally removable if you get tired of it, but I think it's a fairly tasteful cosmetic mod that goes with the other aftermarket bits on your car.
Second set of pics look great. I currently have matte black wrap on my car and am thinking about doing plasti dip on the whole car.
Well now that some time has gone by I can report the following:
- Its holding up perfectly, no edge peeling or otherwise affect of any kind.
- You can't wipe it with a towel because it sticks to it, it must be dabbed.
- I've gotten literally hundreds of good comments and no negative (I had it on a high traffic corner at Car Craft)
- I like it more every time I see it.

I may recut the corners again to an even larger diameter, or not. Its pretty damned close.
If it were me I would have just done the license plate section. just my honest opinion. Worth a shot to see how it would turn out though.
Came out pretty good, well done. Would I do this to my own car?
I dunno.

Love the Difflow diffuser though. I have the "long version" of the same diffuser.
I know I said I didn't like it, but the more I look at it the more it grows. what year is your car? Are you going to get any rear spats?
why would you use a spray can to do that? i think a body shop would charge less than 250.00 to do that and re-clear the whole bumper so that you dont feel the line of that black paint along with red. at least that's what i did to my veilside rear bumper. check it out !!
probably because he wasn't sure he'd like it and he didn't want it to be permanent.

Oh and 250$ is definitely more than a can of plasti dip