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Scams on Yahoo Classifieds

4 February 2000
Chicago IL
As reported by Loccster on honda-tech.com, they're multiplying like cockroaches. Buyer beware!





Incidentally, I like the post in the same topic by ak:

ak said:
Let me give you a quick lesson in buying used NSX.

Super cheap NSX = SCAM
cheap NSX = Poorly maintained and/or high miles
regular priced NSX = probably well maintained but depends
overpriced NSX = probably well maintained but depends
Scam or not... that Imola nsx is freakin sweet. Drool... :biggrin:
Don't limit your expectations to Yahoo! Autotrader also has fallen victim to Scammers on any type of popular vehicle. I ran into several scams when buying a used Hummer, and both ended up asking me to send money to them to arrange a test drive before I had even seen the vehicle. :mad: It was always in a paid lot or paid parking or storage where I couldn't go see the vehicle.
One was supposedly sold thru L.A. and was stored in Denver, and the other was stored in New York State by an "owner" from Texas. Both "owners" had been transferred to London. I sent all info to the FBI Internet Fraud Division in Houston, and suggest you do the same if you run into such scams. REPORT THEM!!! Don't assume somebody else will. Try to phone them and I'll bet you will never get them on the phone.