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Scary Moments in Your NSX

14 February 2012
Melbourne, Aus
There was a thread about this topic but I can't locate it.

My story is not actually in my NSX but happened this morning.

I dropped off my baby at the Honda dealer this morning to so they can check out an oil leak.

I parked outside their reception area (not really a parking spot but the service guys allow me to park there well away from other cars).............big clear glass windows.

I was sitting inside waiting for the technician to come out to drive it into their workshop.........I sat at a table near the windows......admiring my baby.

I saw an old lady in a Civic drive past my car........and then proceeded to park in front of my baby.

It did come across my mind to go outside just in case but I thought, "come on, she just passed your car, she KNOWS it's there".

Anyway, she reversed her car in front of my car. I was eyeing her car. She stopped around 4 ft in front. I thought, "good, well away from my baby".

THEN, she continued to reverse again...........I was too far away from the door.........I didn't know what to do apart from the automatic reaction to try to get her attention......repeatedly slamming the large glass window shouting "STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP". This got the attention of a serviceman who happened to be near her car outside who finally got the attention of the elderly lady. She stopped literally half an inch away from my front bumper.

OMG...................I literally felt like throwing up......shaking.........

She comes in and says something about not putting in Park/Handbrake (I thought, "hello.......you were reversing the car on a flat surface").........She asks how close was it...........I showed her a gap measuring the half inch between my index finger and thumb..............she walks to the counter and asks the service manager the question again on how close.......and he said, "close".

No sorry and even worse, no understanding on how close she was to breaking my heart.........
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Although you cant really tell in the video, at 85 mph the car went totally sideways and was pointed at the motorbike, I thought I was going to run the bike over. When I think back I know I wasnt going to hit the bike, but my car was pointed right at him and my first thought was, dont run the bike over, my next thought was, now you arent going to hit the bike but now try to save the car. Phew, I managed to save it. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Vx8L3AgUjTc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Sitting still at an intersection, looking for cars and waiting to merge....

BOOM and a lurch forward

Panic, get out, look behind... Sure enough, a blue S2000 crammed halfway up my baby's ass.

Minor frame damage.... awesome.


Oh yeah, and the back pain. I didn't even go to the doctor because I was more worried about the car. LOL.
My scariest moment....sitting at a gas station with an empty gas tank 250 miles away from home and the gas tank filler cover would not open no matter how many times I pull on the lever. The spring that automatically pushes the gas filler cover open had slipped off so cover didn't open.
Did CalCoastal this past weekend. About 400 miles round trip. Lots of time and great canyon carving. On the way home I stopped at the usual gas station to refuel. I'm smelling raw gas but figure someone has spilled some. Fill up and drive home. Get home and I'm still smelling gas, so I start looking around. Maybe I overfilled. Nope. Pop the glass and I'm looking around and I see a small puddle on the block. So I put the key in and place the ignition to on prime the pump. I go look at the motor and see gas spraying from the top of the number 6 injector all over the front of the forward cylinder bank! An O-ring had cracked. That was a pucker moment.
I was sitting in my car parked in front of the post office when an older gentleman, who was also parked, proceeded to back into my car, hit it so hard it shut the car off. I couldn't believe it. The guy said he didn't see the car in his rear view, which I suppose is believable, when parallel parked I'd Imagine it's not very visible. I was so angry but was in Uniform so couldn't go off on the guy, plus he was so old it would have just looked ridiculous anyway. I immediately went to look at the damage and there was not a scratch, no dent, nothing at all. Dodged a bullet on that one.
I had just washed my car and merged onto a double lane road(50km/h speed limit). As I was driving there was an elderly woman in the left lane going slower so I proceeded to go by her in the right lane. At that point she did not even shoulder check and started to merge right into my lane. Luckily I was still in first so I just stomped on it and she just about clipped my rear end. I did not honk my horn because it probably would have startled her and sealed my fate. This incident sure had my adrenaline pumping. Honestly she was so oblivious I do not even think she realized she just about hit me. Good to be a defensive driver but this was a scary time.