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Seatbelt color change

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Looks like you can get any color seatbelts when you order your new NSX as long as they are black! So I purchased new seatbelts from Acura and sent them in to Seatbelt Restore in MA. They promise a two day turnaround and did just that. I ordered the Bright Yellow belt webbing. I should receive them by this coming Tuesday. Very excited. They look easy to remove and replace. The factory should offer different colors.
Just got the belts back from Seatbelt Restore. The driver side I purchased new, while the passenger seatbelt was out of a salvaged car. They turned them around within 24 hours which is great. I will install tomorrow if I can. If we ever sell the car I will replace these with the black OEMs if the buyer prefers. You can save money by just sending in your belts for the color change. The cost is reasonable at under $200 for both.


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It took me a couple of hours to remove all the panels. I am impressed with how much effort went into insuring the panels have a tight fit as well as sound deadening materials. They look really nice. The panels are all wrapped in material rather than just painted plastic. I did not realize that there are three speakers above the sub in back as well. The bright yellow looks great an matches my calipers and pin stripping.
I think the yellow seatbelts go well with the yellow calipers and pin stripping. Having said that it really is a personal thing like wheels etcetera.


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I think the yellow seatbelts go well with the yellow calipers and pin stripping. Having said that it really is a personal thing like wheels etcetera.

Wow that looks really cool- kind of a Blue Angels vibe.
HaHa I'm a fan of "accents"....:wink:
[MENTION=6718]drmanny3[/MENTION] how difficult was it to remove the interior bits to get to the seatbels? I've used safety restore before for my other builds just was curious how much of the interior needs to come out to get to the bolts
It is not too difficult, just takes a little time. I posted the instructions on the Facebook group for the Second Generation NSX. Check out the file section. The rear panel comes out as do the sides. It helps to have the plastic pry bars.
Keep in mind that only the belt material has been changed. The seatbelt mechanism is still Honda/Acura. Generally, seatbelts don't falter. If in an accident and the mechanism goes off then you would need to replace anyway. So I do not think warranty is an issue here. As for insurance, again these are not aftermarket mechanisms. If you are thinking the webbing will fault and break, you are probably dead if that happens and warranty is not so much an issue for you. If your heirs are in court and trying to sue the shop that replaced the seatbelt color with another, they would have to prove that the mechanism or belt material failed as a result of the color change. Or they would have to prove that the belt material used was insufficient for this specific purpose. A good lawyer would sue everyone and hope that deep pockets prevail. SeatBeltRestore uses belt material manufactured for this particular purpose (seatbelts) and meets Federal Guidelines. Also, Honda/Acura have deep pockets compared to a shop and the focus would be on how their seatbelt design or function resulted in someone's death or serious injury.