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seeking car cover

4 July 2004
Augusta, GA
seeking car cover for my nsx. parked in garage, ac'd, just need a cover. any recom/suggesions? thanks!
Try Dali Racing, California Covers or HRant on this board.

I swear I'm not trying to brush you off or be rude but a search would likely lead you to a lot of good info. I know because this is the third post about car covers I've responded to in the last few weeks alone.

Finally, if you want good feedback, give us a little more detail.

1) What color is your car
2) Is dent protection important to you
3) How important is storage space
Agree with Da Hapa. I have responded to probably the same posts has the other poster. Just look down the board and you should see a few other threads. (There is a topic 5 posts below yours that is titled "NSX Covers"

But if you are lazy, here are the links:


I am not normally the Forum's Nazi, but when there are two posts on the same topic, one being only 4 days old, I have to jump on the "use the search" bandwagon.


Good luck.

End Rant.
im a big advocate of the stock car cover, but thats just from my experience :wink:
I have the stock car cover and love it; fits like a glove, nice and soft on the underside. I keep my car covered in my garage. Helps me sleep....
yea thanks guys, sorry as soon as i posted i scrolled down and saw the posts,, ill start s.engine