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seems like 94's are cheaper than....

19 April 2005
hello, looking been looking and reseaching to buy a nsx.

and had a question. I know that nsx are in pretty high demand and thats why they sell higher than the blue book value. Ive been noticing that the 1994's sell about or almost the same price as the 1991's.

both have about the same miles but different year
heres a 94


heres a 91 with more miles and $250 more


heres a 91 with 1000 more miles than the 94 and $900 more


then i found a 94 with 70k miles for $32900.
and a 91 78700miles for $34800 91 has 8000 miles more?

then on ebay i found a 94 red for buy it now for $30500 with about 75000miles
a black 91 with 65k miles reserve price is $30000 thats only 10kmiles less.

anyways..just wanted to know if im missing something and why 1991's seem to be more pricey
30-35k for a 90's exotic super car?
not a bad deal actually if you think about it.

the price will vary with each seller. most likely on condition and miles.
make sure you check out the car in person and pay very close attention to details. call those guys up and check out the cars.

maintainence is a price factor whether they had them done or not also. ie; water pump, timing belt, fuel filter, etc...

before i purchased my car, i had searched and tested atleast 10 of them in my area. some looked like crap and wasnt worth the money reconditioning. they ranged from $25k for a 91 90k mi broken tail lights, car was repainted-wrong colored panels, steering wheel had leather missing, dash was broken etc..., $45k for a 95 with 60k, with no maintainence records. both poor condition. too many things to fix.

a guy down my street owned a red 92 w/90k+mi a few years ago and sold it for 16k. and it was snapring and had other issues.

i finally found mine. a 91 with 32kmi in very fine condition. some people cant believe its a 91 since it looks newer,cleaner,fresher than their just recently purchase car.

finding an NSX isnt a problem, but finding one thats worth it is the hard part.
the truth is i dont mind paying extra money for something that is extra nice.
but to fork over a load of money for something you really dont want is something you shouldnt waste your time with. buy one you can immediately drive. dont buy one to fix.

in my opinion, keep searching for an early model with really low miles, in good condition of course.
if you get one with even 60k mi, in a year or 2 it will have over 100kmi.
ever since i got mine, i cant stop driving it, even though i have several other cars to drive as my daily. I love this car to death and never regret or looked back.

im sure others will chime in. i just wanted to share my perspective.
Good luck in your search for the perfect car
cool evof575gtc thanks~

so there isnt any reason on why the 91's cost more right? So if i find a 94 for the same price and in same condition its better to buy the newer 94 one right? I thought maybe it was because it was the first year production or something.
veilstylez said:
So if i find a 94 for the same price and in same condition its better to buy the newer 94 one right? I thought maybe it was because it was the first year production or something.

All other things being the same, I would buy the newer one. It's also a guarantee of not being in Snap Ring range.
I'd definitely purchase the newer NSX over an older NSX for the similar condition all around. You also have to factor in that some colors are more rare and desireable than others which effects the price. Although I would have went for an older NSX just to get the right color because color is very important in my book. Maintenance is another major issue you should consider because these are additional costs you wouldn't want to deal with since this car is not a civic.
Check the FAQ for the exact differences between the 91 through 94 years. Anyway, all things being equal the 94 is the best of the 91-94 models IMHO. I have a 92 myself and am very happy with it, but the 93+ added passanger air bag, center console cup holder (Although it isn't the greatest) different gear cuts I believe, upgraded window regulator, upgraded rims and tires. Basically, there are many very worth while upgrades in the 93-94 over the 91-92. About the only major thing you can't add to the 91-92 really is the airbags though. You can always upgrade the rims, transmission, window regulator and such if you needed to. Anyway, both cars being equal and equal price I would choose the 94. Even if the 94 were a little more I would choose it. Like everything you buy, you have to see if the price is right for the product you are getting. $30K for a great 91 might be a better deal than $30K for an average 94. It just depends.
I think it must be taken into consideration the asking price and what people actually pay. Also, where in the country they are. In Indiana (where I live most of the time) the NSX is a very rare car to see at all, much less for sale. The prices that I have run across have been very strong for the early cars, and the only NSX that I have ever seen for sale below $27,000 was a TOTAL TURD!! It was a very sad looking '93 Grand Prix White NSX that had obviously been in several bad accidents. The seat belts would not retract, the passenger side airbag cover was HOT GLUED back into place, the headlights went up but then refused to go back down, panel gaps were terrible, the clutch was going out, and the seller was a shady dealer who INSISTED that the car was mint condition and never been wrecked...oh yeah, and it was a Florida car. Hahaha....maybe for the title washing, but that was about it. That guy was dead set on getting $24,900 out of the car with about 58,000 miles on the odometer. I offered him $15,000 so I could use it as a beater car and even that was generous from what I could tell. :cool:
I am not an expert, but have read till my eyes bleed & looked at / driven (8) 91-94 NSX 's in the past 2 months. Have literally checked out 200+ cars online and ran 100 Carfax reports. Have had interest in less than a dozen.
(Bought (2) but the sellers decided not to sell. WIERD...........
DO NOT TRUST THE PHOTOS. (or all owners) (Or Carfax) Some have been repainted, not cared for,leak, have had many, many prev owners and the seller may honestly not be aware of these issues (or actual mileage) The 94 you posted was also green. While I like the color, I am not shopping for green. (Looks like a great deal, if you are looking for green)
Auto's to can be found for a huge discount over 5 spd's I have noticed. Originally, low Mileage was a top priority of mine but no more. Have seen cars with 60k-70k drive and look twice as nice as one showing 20k mi. A. IMHO a 94 is much more desirable than a 91-93. But cond and care override everything. Mileage is not nearly as important as I thought with these cars. Its not an easy decision on which 11 to 14 year old NSX to buy. Let condition and the cars history be your guide, rather than yr., mileage and price. While I do not believe any stock 91-94 NSX has a value over 40k, there are several in the low to mid 30's that would be worth owning. (beware of the dreamers, " I paid $44.5k 4 yrs ago, Its got to be worth worth $42.5. Never had any trouble just changed the oil every 3k. History? I bought if from a lot, 30k-60k service? It has probably been done")
Have talked to, and seen a few cars where the owners have done no maint in 10+ yrs, just oil and are asking much more than there worth. Very common I have found.
Have heard as many stories about buyers backing out as well as sellers backing out. Have never seen anything like it. Its a $30k-$40k Honda for goodness sake. But to some, its the Holly grail and the only reason to live.
With any luck, I will find out what all the fuss is about Tue.
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Just to clarify, the main upgrade in going from 93 to 94 was the addition of the 7-spoke 16/17 wheels. That's worth roughly $1000 (excl tires) to a person that would buy a set of those wheels anyway. Beyond that, passenger-side airbags (93+) can be a pro or a con depending on your view.

The real question is not which car is slightly better, but how much you're willing to pay to get a 94 over a comparable mileage/condition 91. IMO, ~$2000 max could be justified for the wheels and minor reduction in wear of some components. In buying my car 2 years ago, I found 94 owners were asking ridiculous premiums, like CDN$10K. So it made sense for me to buy a 91, buy wheels from a '99 and end up with essentially the same car for thousands less.
Good post! Makes you wonder about car prices, and the old adage "buyer beware" certainly applies. Of all things - make sure the car is inspected and passes the smog testing and state inspections BEFORE buying. You could be very sorry if the previous owner has removed the cat units and installed a straight-thru exhaust or some such similar nonsense. Photos have never been something to trust, and that is true for any car.

What I have found to be true in my search..........


This price guide is as close as I have found.
Lots of cars advertised outside this, but do not
seem to sell. Also, I am not sure of how many actual A+
91-94 cars exist.
A+ = "Perfect in every way. Like it just came out of a museum."
Even though many are priced in this range, I have not seen any
that are "Perfect in every way".
Most are looking for drivers rather than museum pieces anyway.
And I will hazard a guess that most NSX's advertised in the upper range
are really "B" cars with a few A's (many with at least some paint work)
(have found C and D cars are the norm with 3-4 owners & limited history)
As I mentioned, I have found actual cond, and history have it all over
year & mileage. Its not easy to find an honest car. Several have been bounced from coast to coast with huge gaps in time where mileage and history just seem to stand still. With great stories & no history from the current owner of 1-2 yrs.
CokerRat said:
Just to clarify, the main upgrade in going from 93 to 94 was the addition of the 7-spoke 16/17 wheels. That's worth roughly $1000 (excl tires) to a person that would buy a set of those wheels anyway. Beyond that, passenger-side airbags (93+) can be a pro or a con depending on your view...

Also, depending on how anal you want to be, I personally like the way the font type on the gauges looks on the '94 and newer cars. The '91-'93 NSXs had a certain smaller type of type font on the gauge faces, and in '94 they changed it to a wider looking font that I prefer. But that is just me.... ;)
I see...so rather than miles look at condition and how it was maintained. ICIC.

how about daily drivers. what kind of daily driver NSX should i look for? THANKS for "ALL" GUYs HELP~ This really helps~