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Selling the Nsx is worse than breaking up with your girlfriend.

13 October 2004
Today is one of the worst days of my life. I just made the deal with Mike at Bridgewater Acura and am now Nsx-less. Business/Insurance issues aside, I did not want to sell it but you gotta seize the opportunity when it comes. Having 4 cars and paying insurance on them makes no sense when I drive 6 miles a day to work and haven't driven the Nsx in ages.

The best part of the Nsx was not driving it, but meeting all the great people associated with it. I hope to still be friends and enjoy you'lls company at Ne Nsx events though it is wierd to be without an Nsx. I hope to be back in an Nsx by next spring.

Man, the Nsx sure is something special...during my last real run in Nyc, a bicylcist on the street told me while I was at the light, "You see Ferrari's, Benz's, and Porsche's all the time, you got style by going with something different." To all my Northeast Nsx friends, I will leave you with that comment, you all have class and style...enjoy your cars, I will see ya in my boring run of the mill, see 20 a day E350 at the next NSX Bridgwater bash.

:frown: We were wondering what happened to you :frown: Sorry to hear about the X but I'm sure Mike will find it a good home :smile:
I am always out and about in the X and if you want to just get together and go for a ride please don't hesitate to ask. Keep coming to the NE events (tho few and far between) because we all want to keep in touch. As you said
it's not just about the car but about the friends made along the way.

Keep in touch and post a message to let us know how your'e doing :confused:

Thanks for the ride around offer Alan, but if I take it, I will want to be back in an Nsx right away and then ruin my financial goals. But then to be back in an Nsx...
I know what you mean. Sold my Formula Red 2000 NSX-T in 2003 in exchange for a BMW 840Ci and a couple of Porsche 911s. Thought they would be better. Biggest mistake of my car-loving-life! Bought a 92 NSX a month ago and been loving it - again! It's better the second time around they say. Well, it's true! Now the NSX sits in the garage and the other cars are parked outside. Porsche 911s anyone? :smile:
Good luck with everything, KO!

You were the first person to check out an NSX for me when I was shopping for one many years ago.

Keep in touch!

I know what you mean by second time around. I loved looking for an Nsx, was some of the best times in the ownership process. I will be searching everyday if I see a good 2002+ I like.


Man, that was long time ago huh. I am glad you did not buy that one. Now if I look into a Boston Nsx in the future, you'll be the first to be contacted. Btw, if I am ever in the Boston area, I will have to cash in the beer offer you made me when I checked out the Nsx for ya, haha. j/k, rounds on me.
Wrecking the NSX is worse than your girlfriend cheating on you...

hmmm... Hope to hear/see that you're in a NSX again in the future!

BTW, Mike/Bridgewater Acura bought your NSX privately or trade-in/dealer acquistion? If you went w/ the latter, I'm curious as to why :confused:
K.O. said:

if I am ever in the Boston area, I will have to cash in the beer offer you made me when I checked out the Nsx for ya, haha.

Man, you have a photographic memory... I was hoping that you might have forgotten about my offer considering how much you can drink :biggrin:

Please let me know if you are ever in the area... I will take you to the best... uh.. roast beef sandwich place :wink:

Good luck!
Selling the Nsx is worse than breaking up your girlfriend into little bitty pieces...

:eek: man, i'm just flattened, and sad to hear this news k.o.!!
reasons aside[and your's is a fair one... :wink: ] i hope i can speak
for all of us here, you will always have a key to our cars.

mike, you had better find us someone as fine as k.o.

keep in touch, & you're always invited, my pal!

I sold it to the dealer. I just don't like to deal with the hassles of selling the car. If I told you the price, you would probably say I am crazy but the money is already making me money and I see some lovely 2002s for 60k. I wanted to sell it for a low-ball price to a Prime member, but didn't want to deal with issues should somthing go wrong with the car and ruin a friendship.

I think having an Nsx and fulfilling a dream has made me a lil lazy and content. Now I am more anxious to make some dough and but me another one.


My good friend, after watching Batman Begins, I want to take out your car our for a spin more than ever. However, I will have to wait for the nsxt movie as I think Batman converts to a Batmobile that looks more like yours.

The search for an Orange begins.

Btw, for any NE 97+ owners who want a Comptech Air intake (the one I bought at expo) for like cheap, let me know. For the NE crew, I'll go cheap, the others will have to pay higher, hehe.
When you have driven an NSX and no longer have one. Saw one pass me the other day and it actually HURT! Was nice to look at though!
I have better places for my resources right now also, but when the time comes it won't be another Porsche, it WILL BE another NSX.
And the people on the Boxster and 911 boards know that. :)
Hi K.O.-

Dude, SAD to see you go, but we'll always be friends.........so still not bad! Keep in touch all the same and good luck in the future. HSC anyone?

Dennis in SE PA said:
Makes me think of Dr. Zachary Smith of the show "Lost in Space".
That was one of his signature lines always delivered with a great suffering inflection. :smile:

You will always be a part of the Northeast Gang with or without a car. Stay in touch.

So what else is in the garage??
thedon67 said:

You will always be a part of the Northeast Gang with or without a car. Stay in touch.

So what else is in the garage??

KO, watch out for Don, he's probably just checking to see if you now have an available space for him to put one of his cars in!!! You can't trust this guy!!!!! :biggrin:
You guys are freakin awesome. The Northeast crew rocks. I know my baby is in good hands now so I can sleep at night.

My garage right now is so dull, I have a pair of family sedans that both have the letter E is them. WHat's up with the letter E?(ES300 & E350) AHHH family sedans. I am single with no kids and I have 2 family sedans!!!
K.O. said:
. The Northeast crew rocks. I know my baby is in good hands now so I can sleep at night.

Thats right! :biggrin: