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Service manual in FAQ?


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17 April 2000
Northern VA
Hi all. Quick Q. The Service Manual in the FAQ seems awefully vague and not so informative.(Was looking at Brake section) Are the ones that you can buy in print exactly the same as what's online?

What's with the long, rambling, verbose answer??

'91 Black/Black
That is because it is under the suspension section 18-15, or page 660 of 1420 of the .pdf file. I cannot link directly to the page.

Gary Yates
1995 Red/Tan
The service manual for the NSX (and all Hondas/Acuras) are remarkably complete and informative. I've had owners of other makes flip through mine at the track and express envy that ours are so good.
It works for me.

Do you have Acrobat Reader on your computer? The link might not work if you haven't downloaded Acrobat Reader.
Sometimes I have to hit F5 (in IE) to get Acrobat to fully load. It starts the typical acrobat page, then finishes with just the blank page. I hit F5, and viola, there is the manual (or whatever acrobat web document I am looking at).

Gary Yates
1995 Red/Tan