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Service options in WI, IA

1 October 2004
Town of Delafield, WI
Hi NSX-ers,

I live between Milwaukee and Madison, and I'm going to Des Moines soon and weather depending I am thinking about road tripping in my NSX.
The car is well maintained and I don't expect any problems, but just in case can anyone recommend any competent service places around areas like Madison, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Des Moines? Would rather have an idea who could fix an NSX if needed in advance versus trying to figure it out on the side of the road! Any input is much appreciated.

Marc H.
Acura of Brookfield is just outside of Milwaukee and they have a very experienced NSX tech on staff there. Not quite on your route, but if things start out bad they would be close.
Midwest Auto World in Des Moines is not a traditional shop but a dealership owned by a friend of mine who is a fellow NSX(s) owner and Honda enthusiast. If you were in a pinch I think he would be able to help with any repair you might need since they do the service on their own inventory and his personal collection. If I were headed that way in an NSX I would consider it as a checkpoint if something unexpected came up.