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19 November 2009
Long Island, NY
While I cant speak for anything with shawns other transactions I will say I am one of the ones that it went smoothly for.

I bought a set of spare seats from him, he was upfront about the shipping costs but and worked with me to have someone come to his house and pick them up. (though I didnt get the seats yet due to travel arrangements not working out with me and them, but that part is moot)

He was courteous and very nice according to my family members that picked the stuff up. I guess I am the one that was happy/satisfied with the transaction I had with him.
Re: Tbromley

I purchased a steering wheel reel from Shawn, and it arrived on time, properly packaged at the agreed upon price. I couldn't have been happier. 'Nuf said. Peace!
You still owe me 20 bucks you bastard.... Lol. Jkjk. I dont care. I can say shawn is a great guy. He shiped me brake calipers, carpets, random interior pieces, ect without question. shawn is a good guy. Maybe he didnt think shipping was 400, i wouldnt sell a door for 50 bucks either, not even 200 bucks. Sorry for your bad exp, but shawn is a great guy. Im behind you shawn. Maybe just sell everything with buyer paying shipping
I have done business with Shawn on several occasions. The last time he even sent me a part no charge with him covering the postage.