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Should I buy this NSX?

8 February 2012
I have been lurking on this great informative forum for about a year and now I feel ready to pull the trigger on this dream car. Of course, I want one that has been unmolested and well cared for. I also prefer the look of the sleek front end with motorized head lights.

There aren't many of these cars around on the east coast! One popped up today though on Autotrader and I think this may be the one. Can you all look this 2001 over and let me know what you think? It's a little pricey but it only has 11K miles!

looks clean but do your due diligence on any car. An airline ticket is a lot less than $60k out the window.

Here's my $0.02... I bought mine a good distance from me. So I flew down on a Friday afternoon, had a PPI done Saturday (prearranged) and drove back Sunday. I went to work on Monday with the biggest smile... Couldn't wait for that Monday to end so I could go home and drive it more! :biggrin:
I bought a 2001 a couple of years ago and one of the things it needed was the timing belt and water pump done (due to age not the miles). If this car has not had this done it's about a $2000.00 job. You could use this to bargain for a lower price. Other than the maintenance it looks like a great car with very low miles. The 01 has many things going for it in terms of value; it was the last year of the pop up headlights and it was the lowest production year of all the years the NSX was made. Good luck.

On a side note....if you do buy it I'd like to get a scanned copy of your window sticker. Mine did not have one and I've been trying to recreate one ever since. I'm close but I just noticed that the Acura on the one you're looking at is in red. Go figure.