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Should I mill my wheels?

15 October 2002
West Vancouver
I love my Volk GTCs and the rears are fine, but the fronts are definately not ideal.

I have an otherwise stock '02, which has a 7 inch front with a 55 offset from the factory with a 215/40/17 tire on.

My Volks are a 7.5inch with a 50 offset. They currently have a 225/35/18 tire on, and they rub on moderate and greater rates of turn. I drove it only for about half a mile for testing and then put the stocks back on. Calculators place the rim 1.1cm out from stock, ignoring the wider rubber and I think that the diameter is about 1cm larger than stock (but the f/r ratio is fine so TCS is not an issue).

Ive got two choices. Sell them (they were on my previous S2000), or mill them 5mm.

I do not want to mill them to find out they still wont work.

What do you think the odds of having a 7.5 inch rim with a 55 offset with new rubber (215) rub are?

Id first try with the current 225 rubber, but if that still rubbed, Id want to be quite certain that a 215 would work if I milled them.

Also, what do you think the odds are that if I just replaced the rubber now, without having them milled, that that would solve the problem is? I say not great.

Thanks in advance.
are you sure if they are rubbing the outside fender lip? Better make sure before you grind the expensive rims. I have a 8 inches wide front wheel with a 35 offset, and doesn't rub except at full lock, it only rubs at the Vents of the fender liner becaused it was deformed a little bit. 225/35/18 seems to be a little tall and thus causing the rub, I tend to think milling your rim to "push" it tugging in more will rub even more.