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Show me your wheels!

1 March 2001
Nashville, Tennessee USA
I just bought a '91 NSX this past week, and already have the urge to modify the car with a new set of wheels.

Can everyone here who has a set of aftermarket wheels on their NSX please post a picture of their car. This will give me a good idea of what wheels I should consider.

I think it would be a lot easier if you just spent some time looking through the Picture Gallery of all the photos we've already posted of our NSXs. You should be able to get a pretty good idea of wheel selection to help you in your search.

Good Luck.

I've already done that. I was hoping that some people here have purchased a new set of wheels and not yet posted them in the Picture Gallery. Plus, I'd love to see the HRE 546's I remember someone here has, but the pictures do not come up for me.

The only NSX that has HRE 546's I think is Nelsons NSX. I had pics of it but I can't find them. So hopefully if he sees this he'll post them again.

Here is an older pic of my car that I found while looking for Nelsons X.


For some reason, I cannot see the picture of your car. It sends me to a Yahoo/Geocities page, which says the site is currently unavailable.

Thanks for locating and posting the pictures of the HRE 546's - they are NICE!

Do you know (or can you find out) what size wheels and tires they are?
You can't see that pic? Hmmmm thats interesting because I can see it on my computer.

Here is the address just copy it and paste it in your browser. If that doesn't work then I'll find another way, sorry.

OK I tried it in Microsoft IE and it doesn't work. But it works in Netscape, so I'll have to upload it to my server. Sorry about all this mess, but someone told me that Geocities has problems posting pics in forums like this.

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HapaHaole, to my eyes the SSR Integral is THE best looking wheel on the NSX, simple, clean, classy lines, just like the car. And they are one of the lightest as well. I'm currently torn between them and the Volk TE-37 which I don't like nearly as well but are significantly lighter still.

Anyway, GREAT choice!

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