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Sighting I-5 North 9:30 PM

28 May 2003
The OC, CA
Interesting sight last night on my way up to LA.

Early model red NSX with chrome wheels license plate MYNSXTC blew by me followed by a yellow C5 convertible and a white EVO RS..

If it was anyone on this board, I'm the guy in the white Geo that almost killed my motor to catch up to you and give you the thumbs up... :biggrin:
Wasn't me but I think he works at my company, i've seen his car in the lot at work. Don't think he is a member here.
MYNSXTC , mike (95 black with gunmetal rims ) and i had a race day at willowspring on march 16th. i met him last year but i didn't have a chance to talk to him this time ( i was little too busy with my girl). it was nice to see 3 nsxes at the track 'cause last jan. i was all alone.
HI Jimmy, nice meeting you and Christine (?) at the event. I talked to MYNSXTC for a while...great guy, lives nearby me in South OC. He was topping out at 130 on the front straight (his was a stock red 92, I believe...lowered with Eibachs). He had been to Big Willow 7 or 8 times already so he knew the track quite well. I followed his Corvette buddies around as best I could to learn the track (my first time there).

Hope to see you and him at the track again soon.