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Single vehicle carfax report, $1.50

What is the deal.. That is a good question..

CarFAX has three uses that I can think of:
1) "Hey I wonder what my car's history is?" This person isn't going to pay much or any information
2) "hrm, this CarFAX thing is neat, I wonder if it works" -- Won't pay much
3) "Hey I want to buy this car, but is it clean?" This person might pay a lot for the info, but is skeptical.

Now.. CarFAX runs a promotion at $1.50. Most of the people that will use this promotion are #1 and #2 people, since the #3 people are in a much smaller time window. CarFAX isn't even losing business because the #1 and #2 people probably wouldn't have done it.

Now, CarFAX is pretty smart.. :smile: :smile:

The reason they do this is to just get people to use the site. Why? So that when they actually need the information the customer is comfortable spending $20 to get a CarFAX. The customer knows the site works, and trusts it more. We will always say "Oh darn, I wish I had that $1.50 CarFAX when I needed it!".. But that is the idea.. Just gets the word out.. Heck, look at all this free advertising they just got. :)