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SJ Grand Prix 7/29-31

21 January 2004
San Francisco
Is anyone going?!!! Would like to get a group of nsx's to represent Honda! :biggrin:

Shane, can u arrange something? U seem 2 b da man!!! :cool:
I will be going but the parking is going to be really messed up. So you might not want to take your NSX. I think I will be taking my pickup. We are doing the Silver Club Thunder package and will be staying in one of the hotels for 3 nights. I think it should be a great event.
I'll be there on Sat. & Sunday (got a room booked in Sunnyvale).
I have already made planes to meet up with some guys from Clublexus.
But if any one wants to hookup for dinner on Sat. nite, it would be great.

root for me in USTCC. I will be racing my civic.

I remember you telling me that you where going to be there racing. I will be watching and I'll root you on and after you win this race and you become a famous F1 driver just remember to kick down few tickets to Monaco :biggrin: