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Slicks/60ft. time breaking point

20 February 2002
Hoschton, GA, USA
I love this car…
It’s an everyday driver that I would like to grudge race occasionally. I purchased new wheels for looks, and intend on wrapping the stock ones with MT wrinkle wall slicks. I have years of experience with nitrous, and intend on plumbing a 150 hp direct port system. From what I know about the engine internals, it should not have a problem with the added power. 400ish hp is great for an NSX but pretty grandma grocery getter for the strip, so I would like to use the nitrous out of the hole. (Getting it to hook, should be the difference between low 12’s and dipping into the 11’s)
My question is… If I get it to bite on the bottle, will those little axels and u-joints hold up?
Oh, and if they do break... Does any one know where I can get used NSX parts?

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If you spray out of the hole, you are gong to break CV joints. The axles are pretty strong. You either need to stage it, use a progressive controller or get stronger CV joints (stock ones are pathetic). Also, if you are just running in the elevens, you are probably better of with drag radials. I don't use slicks on any car that is not in single digits. Just my .02.

I am working on a CV solution. Rob Moore (builds Top Fuel drivelines) says he can build an indestructible axle/CV set for $2500. I am currently engineering a solution that should cost under $1K and take 800-1000 hp.
You sound knowledgeable… I would definitely be interested in your CV solution. If you need help with drafting your idea, or with proto/production vendors, I can help.
I’m not yet familiar enough with the NSX CV’s, (I will review them this weekend). A friend who designs some winning Suzuki rock crawlers, builds a tubing device that goes over the stock CV, but they are strictly high torque low speed applications. I also appreciate the slick advice. I have never used Radials, or even dot wrinkles. My thinking was that I have 8” or less of contact, and I would like to approach 1.30 to 1.40 60ft. I also inquired about the most aggressive slicks in this small size, and was told that MT would be best. The advice came from a speed shop that I worked for that currently tours multiple classes, they are very competitive and try everything from Hoosier to various Goodyear compounds. The progressive Nitrous is a solution, but not optimal (only 400hp). Please keep in touch with your CV solution.
If you do not want to run a progressive controller, you can also stage your 150 shot. For example, if you use a 50 shot and a 100 shot, you can get the effect of a three stage system. Launch with the 50 shot, then have it turn off as the 100 shot comes on, then turn the 50 shot back on. It will give you 50-100-150 hp as you pull out of the hole.

i still think a progressive would be better and simpler for you.

I will post to the tech list when I have a CV solution worked out.