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Slow server response from Prime?

10 September 2002
Road Atlanta is audible from here...
Anybody else notice a recent slump in refresh/response times? I wonder if it's the Prime server, or my system. But, Prime is the only site that I'm experiencing such a slow down. I have a high bandwidth connection, and a pretty modern PC, with lots of capacity. Maybe there's some secret settings some of you IT pros can suggest?

Edit: after drafting this post, I clicked 'submit new post', and it took 60 seconds for it to complete!
Me too. It has been really slow lately. Sometimes I just sit here watching it try and post a message for minutes.
the nsxnut said:
Anybody else notice a recent slump in refresh/response times?
Yes, over the last 4 days or so. Sometimes, when submitting a PM it has simply not responded with a refresh, but later I have found out the PM was sent.
I've also noticed some slow responses when posting or sending a PM, and remember i post mostly at off-peak times being in australia and all. :(
Very slow here also.
Hmmm. Interesting... Oh, Prime Guru, please enlighten us.
Server response takes a dive in the past week, Prime goes down, Prime comes back, server response is great. The boss says the hosting service changed servers, but there's no relationship?
There was a software issue that I fixed shortly before the server was shut down and relocated. The CPU was being bogged down by a bad process.

There was no change in servers. The same server was relocated to a different data center. Or at least that's what I am told. There are a lot of questions about what has really been going on with this company that bought out my previous hosting company.

I'm not sure if it's permanently fixed, but I'll keep and eye on it. I'm probably moving to another hosting company anyway after this past weekend's debacle.
I always thought it was just me because I run on Max OS X and the Safari browser. Glad to see that Lud wasn't slowing me down on purpose :wink: Thanks for getting the server running fast once more!

and, keep up the good work...
one might say,
'Prime is the resin for the laminates of the NSX community'

Now, if we could only get an autoclave... :cool:
Thanks Lud,I too was Playing with myself logging on over the wkend :tongue: