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Smartest Person You Have Ever Met (other than your family member)

12 September 2007
Potomac, Maryland
I saw the Lakers-Celtics poll and it reminded me......I just have to share with you guys (and gals) my experience with my dear friend Red Auerbach. If you get bored one day, read "Let Me Tell You a Story." John Feinstein is brilliant and we had lunch with Red every tuesday; John ended up writing a book about Red. A testament to Red is that we still meet every tuesday ... a bunch of old guys (who think they are all smart) shouting and making fun of each other. A sports fans' dream!

Phil Jackson is a special coach but there is no one like Red. The only thing I regret is not watching these games with him. He is one of the smartest minds I have ever met and nobody...I mean nobody could read people and read a game and momentum like him. I use to watch games on TV with him and go to many college games (mostly George Washington, his alma mata) and he would be cussing out referees and stomping his cane down. He was into the game. I felt like I might have to do CPR or something. He wouldn't say much during the game but afterwards, it was unreal. Once in a while, he would say "we're in trouble during warm ups." He could size the other team up just watching them shoot, didn't matter if they were going in or not, he could see "balance." BTW, Red never wanted cheerleaders (they would either be sleeping with the players or the wives would think they were) and remarked "over my dead body." Red died just before last season started, when the Celtics were the last NBA team to finally get cheerleaders. At the funeral, Feinstein told the owners, that they killed Red.

Red could read people and situations. He helped me so much with all facets of my personal life and when somebody came up to me with a really tough question..we went and visited Red for sage advice. When he passed away; you couldn't believe all the people that came and what they said. He was unbelievable and humble! Wouldn't think that with his victory cigar that made everybody hate him. Red was also one of the richest men I know....in terms of family and friends. He knew everybody and the friends he had loved him.

I miss him! I'll have to figure out for myself whether to the the R conversion.
This man was my father figure from age 12 to 30 until he moved to NYC. Almost everything I know is a direct result of his teaching. I lived at his house off and on for years. He thinks faster then his mouth will get the information out.


he has written a couple of novels and I am in one of them.

this guy is a close second. I sold him a camera about 20 years ago and we became instant friends. He has written many books and my favorite being a VERY funny book titled Goobersville Breakdown.


I have been to this guys house on Martha's Vineyard. He has talent way beyond any artist I have ever met. I have posted about him on prime in the past. He signed and gave me an original peice of artwork after dinner at his house one evening.

Old 1Sgt. from BCT.
I was about to take a swing on my Drill Sgt. (we were having a slight disagreement) and he came over and dragged me off around the side of a building and out of ear shot. He told me I had a lot of potential and a lot of anger, but very little discipline. He then gave me instructions I've tried to live by since 'Shut the fuck up, stay in the middle of the crowd, observe everything and when your time comes to prove yourself shock the hell out of everyone'