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snap ring failure

8 July 2000
Newport Beach
Ok, I have a '92 that fits into the snap ring failure range. I'm the third owner and the car has only 36,600 miles and is in perfect condition. Just recently the car began exhibiting snap ring failure symptoms (gear shift rocking back and forth in 1st and 2nd gear, grinding on entering first). What advice do any of you have regarding convincing the dealer/local factory rep. to goodwill the repair? I sure don't want to swallow the entire $8,000 repair myself!

Thanks in advance,

Dave Blackman
I experienced the same thing about a year back with almost same mileage. I had to call 4 different dealers until they agree to help me out. Try Just be nice to them and tell them that u don't mind paying the labor (that if your 1st attempt tryin to make them cover all the costs fail). If u have good relation with local dealer, I don't think there will be a problem. It all depends if the dealer want to fight for u.

Good luck

First of all you will most likely not fall into the $8000 range for the repair. You will need a new trans case and have the trans removed and repaired. As has been stated, be nice, they do not have to goodwill this, but most good dealers will have you be considered by the regional rep. Usually you will go anywhere from a full fix to a partial fix with them picking up a portion of the expenses. If you do not drive the car broken, you will do minimal damage, and this repair is reasonable.

Good Luck.

Thanks Larry, that sounds a lot better than an $8,000 dollar repair. I had a nice conversation with my local service manager and he is looking into it for me. I'll let you all know how it goes.
Well after having the car checked over by my local dealer which happens to be Tustin Acura in Southern California, the mechanics think the transmission has enough damage not to try to repair it. So I'm on the hook for the big $8,000 ticket and the worst part is that after calling about 7 different dealerships I found out that the regional service reps have a policy that they won't help on the repair unless it's the orginal owner, so looks like my worst nightmare is coming true.

I did ask the mechanics to open up the old transmission and determine what failed. Maybe, there is still a small chance that armed with the physical evidence of the faulty transmission case that the factory might reconsider.

I'll let you all know. If I find out I'm the only one who's had to pay the full ticket on this repair, I'm going to raise hell with Acura.

-Dave Blackman
I am the second owner. That was the excuse given to me by a couple of dealers before I contacted Los Gatos Acura and Marin Acura, They said that it should not be a problem since I have low mileage. And they got back to me within a day. Ordering the parts though take 3 days. And while they're at ti I asked them to install the Dali clutch and flywheel with only $100 extra...
There is no need to spend $8k unless you are simply determined to buy an entire brand new transmission assembly from Acura.

You can either buy a fully rebuilt transmission from Comptech for around $5k (and you can get short gears, R&P, etc.) or you can rebuild yours for more like $3k.

If your dealer is not qualified/willing to do the rebuild (and do it for that price) I can direct you to someone who can. All your dealer would have to do is remove, crate and ship the bad one and then install the new one when it arrives.

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I spoke with one of the service advisors at Southcoast Acura who are Comptech resellers and he said they had done that exact job on guys '91 NSX recently after his snap ring failed.

First they tried to rebuild his tranny but that didn't work out. Apparently the tranny had been beaten up too much.

Second they had a comptech rebuild installed, but that didn't work out either. He didn't say why.

Third they installed a brand new factory tranny, and he was happy.

I not sure what they ended up billing him for but it kind of put me off the rebuild idea.

Obviously, the money is important to me otherwise I wouldn't have found all you great NSX people here to help me, but I am willing to sacrifice some cash for the piece of mind a new gear box will bring.

I just need to find a way to change the factory reps view on this.
I did contact the service manager at Los Gatos Acura, and he did call his rep and call me back. Basically, he said his rep couldn't do anything for me since my car was not in his area.

I really do not agree that a rebuilt is not good. This is nonsense. An improperly rebuild trans is no good, that I will give you. Have you seen what is so bad, that it cannot be repaired? I think the back half of the trans case is toast, a few bearings and snap ring. Now if the snap ring went, and you continued to drive the car and the snap ring pieces got into the gears then you may be SOL. But as Lud pointed out, you can get a replacement for much less then $8000. You should be able to find a used 5 speed around. Call ERZ in NYC. The info is available in the FAQ/directory. You also may wish to e-mail Mark Basch at Basch Acura in Arizona to discuss this situation. He has rebuilt more them then I can count. He is on the NSX big list.


Larry is correct. A properly rebuilt transmission is fine and MUCH cheaper.

Their stories sound... odd. You are probably only getting part of the story on these other situations... or they are feeding you a line to try and get $8k out of you.

If you can change your zone service manager's mind and get it goodwilled, that's great. But in the meantime I'd talk to Mark Basch as Larry suggested so you have a backup plan. You can crate your dead transmission, ship it to Mark and he'll ship you a replacement core that has been rebuilt with almost no turnaround time. Mark's e-mail is [email protected] and he's rebuilt tons of these things.
But in the meantime I'd talk to Mark Basch as Larry suggested so you have a backup plan.

Another place you might try is Larry Garcia at NSX Modified, an independent mechanic specializing in NSX service. Nothing against Mark Basch - he's NSX Superman - but Larry knows his stuff too, and he's located in Huntington Beach, which is very close to you.
Larry has done many tranny rebuild and according to him not too many dealers are capable of rebuilding NSX tranny.
It would be a good idea to show up for LA dinner meeting this Thursday at and talk to him about it. (Bonus:you don't have to crate your tranny and ship over to Mark B.)

BTW, NSX Modified has changed to TEAM NSX,Inc.

17222 Gothard Ave., Unit E
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 842-9135
LA monthly dinner meeting details for those of you not on the list:

A reminder that our next monthly dinner meeting will be held on
Thursday, July 13, at 6:30 PM. We had a killer turnout at our last
meeting; over 30 people AND NSXs, and tons of fun. Meet your fellow
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The list is growing! If I missed anybody, please let me know ASAP:

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Remember, Meguiar's is coming out this Thursday to provide us with a car
care and detailing clinic, plus some goodies to give away!

Here's the plan:

Meet at Larry Garcia's newly renamed shop TEAM NSX, Inc. in Huntington
Beach at 6:30 PM. Meguiar's, the renowned car wax company, will be
there to give us a car care demo and clinic. Some goodies will also be
given away to he lucky owners. So be there early so we may start on

17222 Gothard Ave., Unit E
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Dinner reservations have been made at THE CRAB POT in Seal Beach (at the
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Directions from Team NSX are as follows: Take Gothard back to Warner.
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Drop me an email if you think you can make it, so I have an idea how
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Hope to see a lot of you there.



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